Carbon dating questions Sexy video chat rooms from myanmar

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Carbon dating questions

Also, can you identify a non Christian scientist who has provided scientific evidence for a young earth. Dear Bob, The only reliable way of knowing the age of anything is by the historical method, by eyewitnesses.Every other method that is based on making measurements in the present amounts to, "What age would you like?Which illustrates that, contrary to popular belief, the dating methods are not the primary way that ages are decided. Their results are always ‘interpreted’ to agree with other factors, such as the evolutionary interpretation of geology and fossils. wrote: “I just wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude for the kind of information you supply at the CMI web-site.I love science and find it thrilling to see how it may be used to glorify God and build faith in Him.” Glorify God in His creation.

Then Richard Leakey found a skull (called KNM-ER 1470) the KBS tuff, a skull that looked far too modern to be 3 million years old.

" Every result is based on numerous unprovable assumptions.

By the historical method we know that the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed on 6 February 1840.

What a person thinks about the age of the earth depends on their worldview.

So, for you to ask to identify a non-Christian scientist who has provided evidence for a young earth is a contradiction in terms.

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