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Despite the rising rate of interracial marriage, mixed-race couples not only continue to face scrutiny and disapproval but sweeping generalizations from outsiders.Individuals in interracial relationships often are accused of entering such unions for less than honorable reasons.This review of the myths that shroud interracial couples indicate that romance across the color line remains a source of stigma.Arguably the biggest myth about interracial couples is that such pairings always involve a white person and a person of color.Of course, a number of such couples exist in real life as well.

“I embarrassingly love blond men — hot pinups like Chris Evans and Chris Pine,” she said.In other words, their partners aren’t particularly attractive, moneyed or educated. Unless the only criterion a person has in a mate is that she be white, it’s doubtful that this generalization applies.They are not dating “catches.”The rationale here is that whites enjoy so much privilege in society that minorities who pursue romances with them aren’t exactly picky. Rosie Cuison Villazor, a law professor and co-editor of , has found that the income of interracial couples tends to vary by the racial makeup of the couple.While minorities in interracial relationships are often accused of hating themselves, whites in such relationships are often accused of rebelling.They didn’t marry interracially because they truly loved their spouse, outsiders say, but because they wanted to get back at their parents.

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Interracial couples, marriages, and relationships are more common today than ever before in the United States.