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Itunes stopped updating

When you click 'OK', i Tunes will modify all of your highlighted file's 'Composer' tags to whatever you chose and at the same time, it'll re-read and update all of your tags.

I'd practice this on a small batch of files (5 or so) before you attempt this on your entire library just so you don't make any mistakes.

The location that you save it needs to be ~/Library/i Tunes/Scripts (where ~ is your user directory.) Note that if your Library folder is not visible, select the "Go" menu from the Finder menu bar, then while the drop down menu is visible, press and hold the Option (alt) key which will reveal the hidden "Library" option).

I seem to recall the Script menu icon only appears if you actually have scripts in the folder. You have either put the script into the existing Scripts folder, or created a new Scripts folder one if it wasn't there?

Try quit and restart i Tunes, see if that makes it appear...

If I update Tags, would I expect them to got to v2.3v2.4 - or whatever??

As you can see - not sure I understand how Tag updates work. berniec, I didn't do this to update the versions as you are.

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Go into scratch live where it reads my itunes library 4.

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